sábado, janeiro 02, 2010

Uma década de negócio Cinema 

A Variety analisa a década no que diz respeito ao negócio do Cinema em torno dos filmes em 3D e da crescente importância das audiências fora dos Estados Unidos.

Decade changed film biz

Back in 2000, studios were flush with cash and made movies for U.S. audiences first. New Line and MGM were still players. DVDs were new and had yet to turn into Hollywood's cash cow. Watching a movie online was unrealistic. Brad Grey was still a talent manager. And Pixar was the little toon shop outside San Francisco that made cute movies on its computers.

While digital has changed film distribution forever, the good news is that consumers are watching more movies than ever -- and anywhere they want. That includes the megaplex, where moviegoing has proved recession-proof, with attendance up and box office expected to pass $10 billion for the first time this year.

That's a growing pain studios can get used to.

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