terça-feira, fevereiro 23, 2010

O Touro continua Enraivecido 

Brutal Attraction: The Making of Raging Bull

DeNiro and Scorsese

Raging Bull began as Robert De Niro’s obsession, but the only man he believed could film it, Martin Scorsese, wasn’t interested—until the director’s near-fatal collapse gave him a visceral connection with the story of troubled boxing champion Jake La Motta. Three decades on, the author tells how one of Hollywood’s great friendships, forged by Mean Streets and Taxi Driver, drove Scorsese’s finest film.
in Vanity Fair

sexta-feira, fevereiro 12, 2010

Up with the press 

Lost In The Air: The Jason Reitman Press Tour Simulator from Jason Reitman on Vimeo.

Jason Reitman, autor de Nas Nuvens, fez este belíssimo vídeo sobre a experiência dele na exigente promoção do seu filme.

Reitman descreve:
"Three months. Three hundred interviews. My press tour of North America and Europe with Up In The Air. A complete and utter blur."

quarta-feira, fevereiro 03, 2010

Where is my Wall Street? 

Imagem da sequela de Wall Street. Não sei porquê o enquadramento incrível dá que pensar.

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