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Bacon Overcomes Doubts for Pedophile Movie

PARK CITY, Utah (Hollywood Reporter) - Kevin Bacon (news) had a lot of considering to do before committing to the controversial lead role as a pedophile in Nicole Kassell's "The Woodsman," a Dramatic Competition entry at Sundance.

When I had my first meeting with Lee Daniels, the producer, he said to me, 'If I were your agent, I would tell you not to do this movie,"' Bacon recalled just a day before arriving in Park City to premiere and promote the film.

"And I had my own reservations at first as did a lot of other actors -- I know I wasn't the first person they came after."

He was, however, the one who ended up getting the part, which is now earning him raves from indie insiders who are saying that it's his best performance yet. But as of Thursday afternoon, that still hadn't helped find the film a home. Because of its subject matter, companies are shying away because the sensitive topic can be a tough sell to mainstream audiences.

However, because of Bacon, Kassell and strong performances by Benjamin Bratt (news), Bacon's wife, Kyra Sedgwick (news), Eve and Mos Def, sources have said that Newmarket Films and Lions Gate Films are after it.

"I am very happy with the film, and I would've only done it if I stood by it and stood by the way in which the subject matter and the character's journey was handled. It's an important story," Bacon said.

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