domingo, julho 19, 2009

Tales of the junket 

Enquanto não escrevo nada sobre os press junkets de promoção aos filmes, aqui fica um cheiro daquilo que é e do que encerra.

The Art of the Junket
When you finish a film there are numerous duties thenceforth: appearances, publicity and distribution, to name just a few. So if you're lucky enough to have the reel stuff hit the fan, every studio and filmmaker needs that special place to hold... The Junket.

Tales of the junket

A new Julia Roberts comedy aims to satirise the great Hollywood institution in which heavily policed access to movie stars is traded for TV footage and column inches. Does the film get it right? US entertainment journalist Gary Susman, who has been to hundreds of these events, explains this surreal world - and asks other veterans for their stories

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