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A Registar :: Séries prestes a voltar 

Se há coisa que a greve dos guionistas nos Estados Unidos me mostrou foi que estou cada vez mais interessado/apaixonado/cativado/quase dependente pelas belas séries que se têm feito nos últimos anos. A falta de episódios de tantas séries foi de certa forma perturbante, mas foi por uma boa causa. Ainda bem que a greve valeu a pena! Foi uma greve verdadeiramente histórica. A luta dos pequenos e dos criadores contra o poder dos produtores. Aí vêm as continuações de séries como (refiro de seguida as que gosto de ver e foram suspensas pela greve):



Dirty Sexy Money

Desperate Housewives

Grey's Anatomy


Prison Break


How I Met Your Mother

Men in Trees

The Simpsons


30 Rock

The Tudors



Bionic Woman

As séries seguem-se dentro de momentos...

Guionistas e produtores chegaram a um 'quase' acordo e a greve está prestes a terminar
The WGA has finalized its tentative agreement with the majors and will present details of the pact to members today in meetings in Los Angeles and New York.
Those meetings — set for the
Crowne Plaza in Gotham and the Shrine in Los Angeles — are expected to serve as a barometer for WGA leaders to determine whether the deal’s acceptable to the 10,500 striking writers.
The WGA West board of directors and the WGA East Council will meet Sunday to formally endorse the contract. And writers could be back at work as early Monday, depending on whether the WGA’s ruling bodies decide whether to end the three-month strike at those Sunday meetings. --- in Variety

NY Meeting comes to an end
The two-and-a-half hour meeting of the WGA's East Coast members was essentially informational, but members seemed to like the information they were getting.
No vote was taken but the sentiment was strong in favor of the tentative pact. Members said the room at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the Broadway theater district came alive with cheers at various points. Some skeptics drilled into details and asked pointed questions, but an exodus of satisfied scribes began after about an hour.
"This is a historic moment for writers in this country," said Michael Moore. "There is a certain irony about the achievement. I would have thought it'd be autoworkers or ironworkers getting this victory but instead it's the people who got beat up in school for writing in their journals."

Casualties of the Hollywood writers strike
Blog da Variety sobre a Greve

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