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Eastwood ajuda amigo Haggis 

Apesar de Paul Haggis ser um realizador e argumentista com Óscares, foi preciso a influência de Clint Eastwood para conseguir "erguer" o filme In the Valley of Elah, que valeu a Tommy Lee Jones a nomeação para Melhor Actor nos Óscares deste ano.

How influential was Clint Eastwood in helping to get it made?
Paul Haggis: Clint’s been a great friend. He’s the reason the film got made. I took it all around Hollywood for six or seven months and couldn’t get it sold, so then I took it to him. I asked him to read the story that Mark Boale wrote, which he did, and said: “Wow, is it true?” I said yes and he said he’d help get it done. So he took it to Warner Bros and asked them to consider it, which they did, and they bought the rights from me and I was able to write the screenplay. Then we had to cobble together the financing independently because it’s an independent film, and Warner Independent released it for us in the US.
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