sábado, janeiro 05, 2008

Os 12 passos do herói (do suspense Hitchcock) 

O site Borgus.com mostra como tornar um filme secante num thriller ao estilo de Hitchcock. São doze passos seguindo as técnicas e lições do mestre do suspense. A ver aqui.

STEP 1: It's the Mind of the Audience

STEP 2: Frame for Emotion

STEP 3: Camera is Not a Camera

STEP 4: Dialogue Means Nothing

STEP 5: Point of View Editing

STEP 6: Montage Gives You Control

STEP 7: Keep the Story Simple!

STEP 8: Characters Must Break Cliché

STEP 9: Use Humor to Add Tension

STEP 10: Two Things Happening at Once

STEP 11: Suspense is Information
“The essential fact is to get real suspense you must let the audience have information." --Alfred Hitchcock

STEP 12: Surprise and Twist

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