domingo, julho 08, 2007

Maggie gosta de desafios 

Aqui jaz uma entrevista curiosa à bela actriz Maggie Gyllenhal, no The Guardian.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Looking for trouble
Maggie Gyllenhaal loves a challenge, whether it's playing a submissive secretary or an ex-con trying to get her kid back. She tells Jess Cartner-Morley what draws her to difficult roles

It is traditional, when interviewing Hollywood actresses, to begin by reporting the subject's arrival, late, into the penthouse suite of a fashionable hotel. The actress is always casually but fabulously dressed, and invariably assumes a kittenish position in the corner of a sofa with her legs tucked beneath her, a modern princess on her throne.
Maggie Gyllenhaal is 15 minutes late when she strides into the penthouse suite of the Maritime hotel in New York. A sumptuous Yves Saint Laurent handbag belies her jeans-and-flats outfit. But there, she breaks with the script. She wears no make-up - not the kind of no-make-up make-up that takes half an hour to apply, but simply no make-up whatsoever. She is extraordinary looking: jolie laide with a hint of Uma Thurman's queenly bone structure, huge, pale blue eyes with a melancholy downward slant in a sweet, heart-shaped face. She sits directly opposite me, her feet planted firmly on the floor. She asks for a camomile tea and coolly, in a tone that brooks no argument, requests that the assembled public relations people leave the room while we conduct the interview.

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