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A espera por Simpsons 

Apple - Trailers - The Simpsons Movie
O Matt Groening fala num filme dos Simpsons (que estreia no final do mês) imperfeito, de forma propositada, onde haverá críticas à religião e aos exageros ambientalistas.
'Clumsy' Simpsons movie promised
Simpsons creator Matt Groening has revealed the long-awaited film version of the popular US cartoon series will be deliberately "imperfect". Speaking at a press launch in central London, he said The Simpsons Movie was "a tribute to the art of hand-drawn animation, which is basically disappearing".
"All the animated movies these days are computer generated," he said, adding that his film had been created in "the old-fashioned, clumsy, 'erase it if you don't do it right' way".
"It's not a CGI movie with a thousand perfect penguins dancing in unison," he continued - a reference to Happy Feet, the winner of this year's Oscar for best animated feature. Journalists at Wednesday's preview were treated to a 10-minute excerpt showing many familiar characters.
Scenes included naughty adolescent Bart Simpson skateboarding through the fictional town of Springfield naked and his intellectual sibling Lisa meeting a potential new boyfriend.
Another sequence depicted US rock band Green Day being booed off stage for expressing green concerns - a suggestion the film will have a topical environmental theme.

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