terça-feira, junho 26, 2007

O que dizem de nós lá fora 

Na Variety:
'Shrek' tops overseas box office
"Shrek the Third" grabbed the most green overseas with a solid $48.6 million at 5,737 playdates in 45 markets, dominating a healthy frame at the international box office that is keeping foreign biz well ahead of last year’s record-setting pace.
French patrons were much more interested in maintaining support for "Shrek the Third" in its second frame, with biz sliding only 20% to $7.5 million, pushing that market’s cume to $21.5 million. Paramount pic was most monstrous at launches in Germany, with $8.2 million at 834, in line with "Shrek 2," and in Spain, with $6.7 million at 757, 4% ahead of "Ice Age 2." And the ogre set a pair of animated opening records in Belgium with $2.4 million at 125, 16% higher than "Ice Age 2," and in Portugal, with $1.1 million at 67."

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