sexta-feira, outubro 13, 2006

Virus tecnológico vs. tecnologia de pirataria 

[A tecnologia deu a pirataria cibernética, a tecnologia também a pode limitar e quase eliminar... Pessoalmente, acho que a pirataria cibernética deve-se manter, dentro de certos limites, os actuais.]

A man watching a film on a laptopDownloading and watching films on a computer is increasingly easy
Technology 'can beat film piracy'
New technology is the key to beating movie piracy, the UK film minister has told industry executives. Making films available on demand as soon as they are released at cinemas could help stop fans watching illegal copies, Shaun Woodward said. "The real answer is in the technology," he told the BBC News website, citing the success of legal music downloads. "People will take the legal way and I think ultimately that's the solution for film piracy as well," he said. Film pirates in the UK make an estimated £300m profit a year, according to the Federation Against Copyright Theft (Fact). Most illegal gain comes from pirate DVD sales, and much is believed to help fund organised crime.

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