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Lipstick on Your Collar 

Uma das minhas séries (mini-série, na verdade) preferidas durante a adolescência. Felizmente passou na RTP1. Lipstick on Your Collar (de 1993; ver na Wikipedia; XP; NY Times). Com Ewan McGregor. Era imaginativa e inteligente. Com pormenores e fantasias que me fascinavam profundamente. A fazer lembrar, em parte, as fantasias de Ally McBeal. Apesar das fotos serem a preto e branco, a série era a cores, e bem colorida, aliás. A história e argumento é de Dennis Potter (que morreu em 1994, um ano após a série estrear).

FRASE DE DENNIS POTTER: "The trouble with words is that you never know whose mouths they have been in."

MARCA DE POTTER: Musicals where the actors lip-sync to classic songs

How did you get started?
I played music all through school and I kind of performed that way. Then I left school at 16 and worked in Perth Repertory Theatre, which was quite nearby where I lived. And I worked there for about six or seven months, as part of the stage crew. From there I did a one year theatre acting course in Fife, and then three years of drama school in London. I left halfway through my third year to start Lipstick On Your Collar, which was the first thing I ever did.
in BBC

From one of the most creative, daring, and provocative British writers, "Lipstick on Your Collar" was the last work by television writer, playwright, and screenwriter Dennis Potter, to be produced during his life. He died of cancer in June of 1994. Part musical, part romantic comedy, part male fantasy, the story revolves around Private Francis Francis who has just been assigned to the British War Office, as an Army Intelligence clerk, in 1956.
Private Francis begins an amorous fantasy life with blonde bombshell Sylvia Berry, who's already married... and their secret meeting leads to a shocking tragedy. Meanwhile, the War Office buzzes with rumors of a Suez Canal invasion, but the daydreaming soldiers Francis and Hopper are preoccupied with their visions of singing, dancing and beautiful women. As the British Army marches forward, a dramatic twist of fate gives the lovelorn clerks a pleasant surprise.

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