domingo, maio 21, 2006

Sonhos de McQueen 

A drawing for the proposed movie "Yucatan."

Steve McQueen's Dream Movie Wakes Up With a Vrooom!
NY Times. WHEN Steve McQueen died 25 years ago in Juarez, Mexico, he left behind two children, some 30 movies and a legacy as "The King of Cool" (the title of a documentary about him). He also left behind two custom-made trunks containing 16 leather-bound notebooks full of drawings, photographs from period magazines, and a detailed script continuity — a screenplay without dialogue — written in a kind of hyper-stylized poetry. These materials were his plans for "Yucatan," the vanity project he yearned, but failed, to make.

California , 1969

A heist film and adventure epic, it would have married the sprawling canvas of films like
"The Great Escape" and "Papillon" with the chase-scene histrionics of "Bullitt" (transferred to motorcycles, McQueen's lifelong passion) along with some ancient history and visionary science thrown in for good measure.
The trunks sat in the basement of a house in Trancas Canyon in Malibu, Calif., until they were unearthed by McQueen's son, Chad, 10 years ago. (His daughter, Terry, died in 1998.) "If I'd handed this to the wrong people. ..." Chad McQueen said in a telephone interview, his voice trailing off. "Man, I don't need that."

Here's how McQueen closes his final meditation on "Yucatan":
He was parting the curtains on tomorrow
A commando on the liquid frontier...
The inheritors of that emerald planet
That jewel on the finger of the firmament
Ringed by its creator with sapphire seas
For the exaltation and the ultimate salvation of the Dominion of Man.

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