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Why are so many movies still being shot in Canada?
By Edward Jay Epstein
Heeding the siren call of the wild in the form of a plummeting Canadian loonie, Hollywood moved north during the last decade, outsourcing to Canada no fewer than 1,500 film and television productions. Producers found that Vancouver could double for middle America, Toronto could stand in for New York City (especially if the director avoids wide shots), and Calgary can pass for the American West. At times, however, some script adjustments were required to accommodate the cold reality of the North. For example, in Final Destination 3, which was filmed in British Columbia, the climactic attack was supposed to occur during an outdoor party on the Fourth of July, but since it was not feasible to have actors wearing summery clothes during Vancouver's chilly spring, the holiday was changed to the town's "Tricentennial Celebration." But for Hollywood's illusion-makers, who have lots of experience in geographically deluding audiences, the northern exposure presents few problems that can't be overcome.

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