terça-feira, fevereiro 14, 2006

V for Vendetta - em Berlim 

'V for Vendetta'

Hugo Weaving plays a masked avenger in a fascist U.K. in 'V for Vendetta,' adapted by the Wachowski brothers from the graphic novel.

Evey - Natalie Portman
V - Hugo Weaving

Finch - Stephen Rea
Deitrich - Stephen Fry
Adam Sutler - John Hurt

Although often visually striking and undercoated by a compelling sci-fi concept, graphic-novel adaptation "V for Vendetta" feels flat as a storyboard. Chiming faintly with current counterculture vibe in higher-browed films, dystopian "Vendetta" posits a masked "terrorist" hero (Hugo Weaving) trying to overthrow a fascist state in future Blighty. Officially helmed by James McTeigue, pic suffers from many of same problems as last two installments of producers Andy and Larry Wachowski's "Matrix" franchise: indigestible dialogue, pacing difficulties and too much pseudo-philosophical info. Pic should open with a bang in late March but may fizzle quickly.
Crítica da Variety, no Festival de Berlim

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