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A Weathered Rocker but Still Unbowed
"Neil Young: Heart of Gold," directed by Jonathan Demme, was shot over the course of two concerts in Nashville's storied Ryman Auditorium, original home of the Grand Ole Opry. The first half of the film includes 9 of the 10 songs from Mr. Young's most recent album, "Prairie Wind"; the second features 10 titles from his songbook, a number of which were first recorded in Nashville.
The film provides no real back story about the production, but in interviews Mr. Young has said that the idea for it arose out of a phone conversation he had with Mr. Demme. The musician had just finished "Prairie Wind," which he had begun recording right after discovering that he had to undergo surgery for a brain aneurysm.
He cut some of the songs in Nashville, had the surgery (twice) and then finished the recording. Brushing up against death as Mr. Young did would be reason enough to undertake a concert film like this; but the songs are justification enough. Filled with country memories, bluesy regret, familiar and piercing sentiment, the album sounds like quintessential Neil Young, which, depending on your home catalog, will be either an enormous turn-on or turn-off.

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Curious George
Reviewed by DANA STEVENS
With top-drawer voice talent and old-fashioned two-dimensional animation that echoes the simple colors and shapes of the books, "Curious George" is an unexpected delight.
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"Firewall," a thrill-challenged thriller starring Harrison Ford, manages to entertain mildly only because it gives moviegoers ample opportunity to test their action-movie I.Q.
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The Pink Panther
Despite a witty performance by Steve Martin, much of "The Pink Panther" feels like trying on old clothes that no longer fit.
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