sábado, fevereiro 18, 2006

Cinema britânica 

[Os britânicos têm uma indústria de cinema em alta e com um sucesso assinalável e crescente. Mesmo assim, preocupam-se bastante no estado em que estão e como podem melhorar]

The future of British film-making
British film The Constant Gardener looks set to dominate the Baftas on Sunday.
The John Le Carre thriller leads the field with 10 nominations but faces competition from British rivals including Pride and Prejudice and Mrs Henderson Presents.
With the success of UK film-making reinforced by a string of Oscar nominations, the industry would appear to be in good health.
We asked two insiders for their view on the current state of the British film industry.

(The Constant Gardener was partially funded by the UK Film Council)

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