domingo, janeiro 29, 2006


Aí está o trailer da sequela de Dogville, Manderlay que já estreou nos Estados Unidos. Parece apetecível. A protagonista é linda Bryce Dallas Howard (filha de Ron Howard), que já protagonizou o fantástico, The Village (2004).
Apple - Trailers - Manderlay

"Set in Alabama in 1933, the movie lays out an excoriating examination of the legacy of slavery in the United States." -- Stephen Holden, NEW YORK TIMES

"Those eager to lap up what the Dogmatic one has to say will readily do so."-- Todd McCarthy, VARIETY

"[von Trier's] most streamlined and subversive provocation to date... Be wary of any critic who attacks the filmmaker instead of addressing the film itself."-- Aaron Hillis, PREMIERE MAGAZINE

Manderlay (2005)

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