quinta-feira, janeiro 26, 2006

Burton e Depp em Sweeney Todd 

Oscars are just around the corner
The Reel World - By Keely Kristen
It’s great to be back with your up-to-date word on what’s going on in the reel world. Oscar nominations are right around the corner, as are a truckload of highly anticipated new films.
First up in the news is the nail-biting rumor that critically acclaimed director Tim Burton is once again teaming up with best-selling actor Johnny Depp to bring to live a movie version of “Sweeney Todd.” (este era também o nome de uma banda canadiana do final dos anos 70, a que pertenceu o conhecido Bryan Adams, quando tinha apenas 18 anos).

This would be an enormous challenge for both Burton and Depp, because the story is a musical – a verging-on-operatic musical at that – about a demon barber who slits the throats of his customers. A screenplay has been completed by Oscar-winner John Logan (“Gladiator”), and the production of “Todd” would be the sixth collaboration between Burton and Depp. As soon as I know more, you will know more.

O que é Sweeney Todd? Sweeney Todd was a barber who killed his clients for cash while his accompliceused their meat for her pies, from The Crime Library.

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