domingo, novembro 13, 2005

Val recusou grande realizadores na juventude 

Val Kilmer Refused Big Movies While Young
Actor Val Kilmer recently revealed that, in his early years of career, he refused several big time movie directors, because he was too "naïve" and "shy" to play in their projects.Kilmer, 46, who became famous in 1986 with the movie "Top Gun", confessed that he refused successful directors like Robert Altman twice, and David Lynch. Kilmer tells British gay magazine Attitude: "I was very naïve when I was younger. I said 'no' to a ton of really wonderful directors and looking back now, I can't remember the reasons why.
"I said no to (Robert) Altman twice, and David Lynch, although David Lynch I remember, because the second film I turned down was Blue Velvet, because it was really graphic and I was just too shy back then.
"Blue Velvet is a wonderful film. I had a crazy, crazy crush on her (Isabella Rosselini), so I would have done it for free." in Spotlighting News

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