terça-feira, novembro 01, 2005

Jamie Lee considera reforma 

Para além de bonita, uma boa actriz.

[Começa a ser habitual, os actores e actrizes milionários ponderaram a reforma... e porque não? Dinheiro não falta.]

Jamie Lee Considers Retirement
Freaky Friday star Jamie Lee Curtis is the latest movie star considering retirement because she can't bear to give up her full-time role as a mother. The Golden Globe-winning actress insists her role as a mom is too important to consider a return to her life as a movie star. She says, "My life is so filled that for me to accept acting work now means that I have to basically let somebody else do the job that I want to do, which is raise my children. It's not that I'm retired it's just that I no longer accept acting work." - imdb.com


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