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Guião da série Seinfeld, (uma cena pequena):
The Gymnast (o episódio)


JERRY: I've never been able to figure out why they make these bizarre toilet seats that they have. You know, like those clear Lucite ones, with all the, the coins in it? It's a lovely tribute to our past president, by the way. It's not bad enough Lincoln got shot in the head, we gotta pull down our pants and sit on him, too. It's just incomprehensible that you would buy a thing like this, you install it on your toilet seat, and this says what about you? "Well, I can't afford to just throw money down the toilet, but look how close I am!"

[Jerry's apartment]

JERRY: I cannot believe Lindsay's still seeing you after that "Breakfast at Tiffany's" thing.

GEORGE: I think she finds my stupidity charming.

JERRY: As we all do.

GEORGE: Yeah, anyway, she's uh, having some kind of a family lunch, I'll swing by after.

JERRY: Oh, so you're gonna meet the mother?

GEORGE: Yeah, I'll zip in, "How do you do?", zip out. She'll love me.

JERRY: You're good with the mothers.

GEORGE: Y'know, I'm better with the mothers than I am with the daughters.

JERRY: Maybe you should date the mothers.

GEORGE: Well, if I could talk to the mothers and have sex with the daughters, then I'd really have something goin'.

JERRY: Oh, you got something goin'.


KRAMER: (enters apartment) Hey.

GEORGE: Hey! (heads toward bathroom)

KRAMER: Hey, you got a hammer?

JERRY: What do you need a hammer for?

KRAMER: Well, I got this new poster. 3-D art? Computers generate 'em.

JERRY: Oh, yeah! I wanna see that. Bring it over.

KRAMER: No, no, I don't have it now. I gotta pick it up at Mr. Pitt's. Elaine was framing a bunch of stuff for him, so she did me a favor. What, you wanna take a ride?

JERRY: Nah, I don't think so.

KRAMER: (shouting to the bathroom door) George, you wanna go for a ride?

GEORGE: (inside bathroom) Nah.


JERRY: Hey, could you wait until the man finishes?

KRAMER: All right, I've had it with you two. (opens apartment door to leave)
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