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Daniel Craig é Bond, James Bond 

Craig em Enduring Love.

O ávido leitor deverá estar neste momento a pensar: "Será mesmo Craig o novo Bond?" ou "O que me contas tu, já sabia!". Pois é, será o pouco mediático e exuberante, mas mesmo assim actor muito promissor, Daniel Craig a assumir o papel do mediático James Bond. A novidade, para as revistas cor de rosa é mesmo o facto de novo Bond ser louro - ao contrário, por exemplo, do último, Pierce Brosnan. Gostaria de dizer que o novo Bond será também o mais baixo, do alto do seu 1m70, mas não, tem 1m83 - Brosnan tem 1m85. Outra novidade é a idade. Daniel Craig é um dos Bond mais novos de sempre, com 37 anos.

Ficha no IMDB

Aqui fica uma filmografia seleccionada:
Have You Heard? (2006) (filming) .... Perry Smith
The Visiting (2006) (filming) .... Ben
Munich (2005) (post-production)
Archangel (2005) (TV) .... Fluke Kelso
Sorstalanság (2005) .... US Army Sergeant... aka Fateless
The Jacket (2005) .... Rudy Mackenzie
Layer Cake (2004) .... XXXX
Enduring Love (2004) .... Joe
Sylvia (2003) .... Ted Hughes
Ten Minutes Older: The Cello (2002) .... Cecil (segment Addicted to the Stars)
Road to Perdition (2002) .... Connor Rooney
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) .... Alex West
Sword of Honour (2001) (TV) .... Guy Crouchback
Hotel Splendide (2000) .... Ronald Blanche
Some Voices (2000) .... Ray
I Dreamed of Africa (2000) .... Declan Fielding
The Trench (1999) .... Sgt. Telford Winter... aka Tranchée, La (France)
Love Is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon (1998) .... George Dyer... aka Love Is the Devil (France) (UK: short title) ... aka Ai no akuma (Japan) ... aka Love Is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon (USA)
Elizabeth (1998) .... John Ballard

Daniel Craig, em Sylvia, onde faz de marido de Sylvia Plath (Gwyneth Palthrow)

It's James Blond - in Daily Mail
He has just proved his ladykilling credentials by seducing Sienna Miller from under the nose of his friend, Jude Law.

Now Daniel Craig is about to become the biggest seducer of all - Ian Fleming's James Bond.
The actor, who found fame as Geordie in the BBC series Our Friends in the North in 1996, got the job after an 18-month mission to replace Pierce Brosnan.
Scores of others, including Law himself, Ewan McGregor, Colin Farrell and Orlando Bloom, were considered but rejected.
In the end a shortlist of two emerged - Craig and newcomer Henry Cavill. The pair were auditioned again and tried on tuxedos to see how they would look in the quintessential Bond clothing.
Craig, 37, whose choice will be confirmed by producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson later this week, will be the sixth Bond, but the first blond.
He will star in the 21st Bond film, based on Ian Fleming's first book Casino Royale.
Craig has said he does not like the fact that the films are more about gadgets than feelings.
He added: 'It's a big machine and it makes a lot of money - so why would you change something that makes a lot of money?'

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acho que o Clive Owen daria melhor james bond
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