quinta-feira, setembro 29, 2005

Damon e o Real 

O que faz o actor norte- americano Matt Damon com uma camisola a dizer: Real Madrid?!?
Vi esta estranha ocorrência na entrevista ao actor, que passou ontem à noite na A DOIS, sobre o filme The Brothers Grimm.

Encontrei o seguinte excerto neste site que volta a enfatizar uma T-shirt do Real Madrid:
"Damon and Luciana Barroso, who have maintained a low key relationship since last fall, lunched at Brentwood's Gaucho Grill on March 30 in LA. They are walking away from the restaurant. Matt is in front of her and they don't seem to be holding hands. He has on a white T-shirt with blue trim around the sleeves and neck that says Real Madrid. He has sunglasses clipped to the neckline. She is behind him in a red scoop neck shirt. Hair in ponytail, and wearing sunglasses."

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