segunda-feira, agosto 01, 2005

Esquilos da Fábrica de Chocolate 

How are squirrels trained to act?
Forty squirrels were trained to crack nuts in the new film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. How?
Even with sophisticated computer-generated technology available, director Tim Burton refused to take any short cuts with the famous Nut Room scene in Roald Dahl's novel.
It had to be as life-like as possible, Burton decided, which meant squirrels cracking and sorting nuts on a conveyor belt.
In the film, they are seen sitting on stools testing the quality of the nuts until their work is rudely interrupted by one of the humans, in an action they take strong exception to.
Some of the squirrels were hand-reared and required bottled milk on set, and others came from squirrel rescues or private homes.

The American Humane Society insists that for every animal you use as a hero you have two back-ups, like a human actor has a double
Steve Vedmore, animal trainer
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