quinta-feira, julho 14, 2005

Uma é Super Ex 

A Uma sexy.

Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson will star in Super Ex
Directed by Ivan Reitman, the romantic comedy will see Thurman playing a superhero who falls for a regular guy. He's okay with her superhuman abilities but can't take her neediness. When he dumps her, she uses her powers to turn his life into a nightmare. (Sounds like every ex-girlfriend I've ever had - except for the superhero part.)

Super Ex will shoot in New York this fall.

Thurman will next be seen in theaters this fall alongside Meryl Streep in Prime and in the theatrical version of The Producers. Wilson's upcoming projects include Idiocracy and The Family Stone.
in Variety

A actriz esteve recentemente numa praia alentejana, aqui jaz uma foto.

A Uma clássica.

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