sexta-feira, julho 29, 2005

hey mister 

É curioso a forma como as críticas de cinema do New York Times têm por hábito falar de actores e realizador como Mr. Tarantino ou Mrs. Uma Thurman.

Excuse me Mr, do you have the time?
Or are you so important that it stands still for you?
Excuse me Mr, won't you lend me your ears?
Or are you not only blind but do you not hear?
Excuse me Mr but isn't that you're oil in the sea?
And the pollution in the air Mr, who's could that be?

So excuse me Mr, but I'm a Mr too
And you're giving Mr a bad name, Mr like you
So im taking the Mr from out infront of your name
Coz it's the Mr like you that puts the rest of us to shame
It's the Mr like you that puts the rest of us to shame

And I, I've seen enough
I've seen enough to know,
That I've seen too much

Excuse me Mr can't you see the children dying?
You say that you can help them Mr your not even trying
Excuse me Mr, just take a look around
Oh Mr, just look up and you will, you will see it coming now
Ben Harper, Excuse Me Mister

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