quinta-feira, julho 14, 2005

Charlie e a Fábrica de Chocolate 

Aqui jaz o trailer apetecível do filme, Charlie e a Fábrica de Chocolate, que estreia amanhã nos Estados Unidos.

Witty, wonderful and wildly imaginative, Burton’s first proper ‘family movie’ since Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure delivers a sugar rush that’ll last for days.
in Revista Empire. Por Olly Richards Issue 195 August 2005

Charlie Bucket (Highmore) subsists in poverty, fixating on the town’s chocolate factory to disguise the taste of endless cabbage soup. Winning one of five golden tickets to tour the confectionary-creation facility, Charlie meets his idol Willy Wonka (Depp) and the four other grotesque winners on a journey through the chocolatier’s bizarre world.

Crítica da Empire:
It’s a strange thing, taste
. There are those who will tell you, under the misty-eyed delusion of nostalgia, that Mel Stuart’s fun but heavily flawed Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory is an indisputable classic. But where the 1971 Gene Wilder vehicle left a feeling of emptiness after a brief saccharine high, Tim Burton’s vision of Roald Dahl’s fable of cavities and calamities has the same rich sweetness shot through with the acidic wit that’s kept kids turning the novel’s pages and ruining their appetites for 40 years.

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory deliciously melds the director’s two favoured styles: Grimm Goth-lite and pop-art gaudiness. Burton hasn’t been so visually jubilant since he upped sticks from Gotham. Wonka’s fantastical factory, pregnant with vibrancy and mischief, stands like a twisted Taj Mahal over the anytime-anytown that’s home to little Charlie Bucket (Highmore), a boy who can but dream of a pot to piss in.

Burton establishes an early mood of cosy poverty; warm comedy and familial snugness shining through the elegant wintry gloom. But when the doors to Wonka’s works open, the senses are subject to a rapturous assault that doesn’t let up ’til the credits roll.
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O que eu aguardo por isto.
Um filme que promete trazer Burton de volta ao magnifico mundo fantastico, que em parte abandonou ligeiramente em BIG FISH (o seu filme mais sobrio)


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