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25 razões porque o Johnny é tão porreiro 

Aqui ficam algumas das razões porque o site Movies.go.com considera Johnny Depp tão "cool".

1. He plays Barbie with 6-year-old daughter Lily-Rose.

2. His favorite aliases for checking in at hotels: Oprah Noodlemantra and Mr. Donkey Penis.

3. He's used his movie money to make some eclectic purchases: a bug collection; $18,000 bottles of wine; the infamous Viper Room nightclub, a former hangout of mobster Bugsy Siegel; Man Ray, a Paris restaurant he invested in with Sean Penn and John Malkovich; Bela Lugosi's L.A. home; and a $15,000 payout for Beat author Jack Kerouac's raincoat.

4. Just because he has kids, it doesn't mean he's forgotten how to act like one. "One day, we were filming a serious scene [in Finding Neverland] with the kids at the dinner table, and these fart sounds started going off," Neverland co-star Radha Mitchell has said. "The kids started giggling. Johnny had put this electronic fart machine under Julie Christie's chair."

5. His fantasy about growing old: "Hopefully I'll be 95 years old, lying on my side with a piece of wood with a very long opium pipe … and just a ton of kids. I mean, not a ton, but a good number of kids, and be surrounded by my family and slobbering and telling boring stories that nobody wants to hear. [And] maybe I won't need the opium."

6. Like his friend and mentor Marlon Brando, he has his own island. In 2004 he paid $3.6 million for Little Hall's Pond Cay, a 35-acre deserted island in the Bahamas.

7. When he was arrested for trashing a hotel room in 1994, Brando and Bill Murray both called the jail to talk to him. "The cops came over and said, 'You're never gonna believe who called you! Marlon f---in' Brando!' And I said, 'Can I talk to him?' And they said, 'No.'"

8. Orlando Bloom on the boat Depp lived on during the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean: "You should have seen this boat, man. Shag pile carpet, mirrors on the ceiling, velvet everywhere, like an Austin Powers boat … How cool is that?"

9. As a child, he had nightmares about being chased by the Skipper from Gilligan's Island and developed a phobia of singer John Davidson — who later co-starred with him in Edward Scissorhands.

10. Though critics have pointed out the similarities between his Willy Wonka and singer Michael Jackson, he says he actually based the character on Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

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