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Babylon AD

Mathieu Kassovitz' sci fi film gets the green light
Like the proverbial roller coaster, the career of Mathieu Kassovitz has had its ups and downs. The ups include writing and directing the critically acclaimed La Haine and starring opposite Audrey Tautou in the flawless Amelie, but his directorial career stumbled downwards with misfires like The Crimson Rivers and Gothika.
But what goes down must come up, so let's hope that his new offering, Babylon A.D, will scale the heights and remind us of the promise Kassovitz showed in his storming debut. Babylon A.D is based on the “Babylon Babies” novel by Maurice Dantec.
It's set in a future not too far away, when humans are genetically modified and manipulated. The book follows a mercenary assigned to deliver a woman from Russia to Canada. However, instead of a normal day's work in human trafficking, he discovers she’s a ticking bomb with a synthetic virus laying dormant inside her that could spell destruction for the human race. Which would be, like, pretty terrible.
The film is being financed jointly by 20th Century Fox and France's Canal Plus and is due to begin filming in February. Don't expect Kassovitz to do too much work on the film over the summer, however – he has taken an acting role in Spielberg’s untitled Munich Olympics projects. As soon as Empire find out anything new we’ll keep it to ourselves until we feel good and ready to share it with you.
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