domingo, abril 10, 2005

Sahara por perto 

Penelope Cruz(L), Matthew McConaughey(C) and Steve Zahn star in the action-adventure film 'Sahara', opening nationwide on April 8, 2005. (Paramount Pictures/Reuters)

> LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Penelope Cruz may have stayed away from Los Angeles early in her career because of the difficulty actresses can have finding roles that combine beauty and brains.
Or maybe, as she puts it, it was simply because dinner arrived at the wrong time.
Whatever the reason, the Spanish beauty is back in the United States with this weekend's debut of Hollywood action flick "Sahara," co-starring her current flame, Matthew McConaughey.
For fans who'd rather watch her brainy side, Cruz, who turns 31 this month, is showing that off in the Italian film, "Don't Move," playing in art house theaters.

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