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O Estado Mais Quente, no caminho dificil para filme 

O Estado Mais Quente, livro de Ethan Hawke (actor e escritor).

Vejam aqui, uma pequena biografia razoável em português do Brasil, sobre a carreira do actor, escritor e realizador - que tem também uma companhia de teatro. Actualmente Hawke está a fazer uma peça em Nova Iorque. O seu último filme, Before Sunset - que é fantástico - já recebeu vários prémios e está nomeado para os Oscares, melhor argumento original [escrito por Richard Linklater, Ethan Hawke e Julie Delpy].
Críticas (em inglês):
Yes, it's "that" Ethan Hawke. Ethan Hawke the actor. In this slim debut novel, he tells a coming-of-age tale of a fairly unpleasant young actor from Texas named William who lives in Manhattan and is working his way through an ugly little relationship with a singer/songwriter named Sarah. William's parents married young and split up early and he's not too happy with the world at large. Sarah can't quite make heads or tails of her mother. The pair has sex in the bathroom and talks quite a bit about their relationship. It all has a certain ring of truth, but at this point it's probably safe to say that Hawke's movie agent will probably make a better living off the young actor/writer than Hawke's literary agent.

Product Description:
"Hawke does a fine job of showing what it's like to be young and full of confusion. "
--The New York Times Book Review

When William meets Sarah at a bar appropriately called the Bitter End, he is a few months short of his twenty-first birthday and about to act in his first movie. He is so used to getting what he wants that he has never been able to care too deeply for anyone. But all of that is about to change. And it is Sarah--bold and shy, seductive and skittish--who will become William's undoing and his salvation.

William's affair with Sarah will take him from a tenement on the Lower East Side to a hotel room in Paris, from a flip proposal of marriage to the extremities of outraged need and the wisdom that comes only to true survivors. Anyone who reads The Hottest State will encounter a writer who can charm, dazzle, and break the heart in a single paragraph.

"Beguiling . . . full of the freshness of love and the agony of loss. . . . Hawke is a good writer who has produced a worthy first novel. It pleased and moved me. "
--Mary Loudon, The London Times

O Estado Mais Quente, em filme.
[Num futuro próximo, talvez. A verdade é que desde que li este livro, que me surpreendeu, sempre o encarei como um excelente argumento cinematográfico, ou não fosse o autor tão ligado à indústria.]

Thursday, July 24, 2003
Ethan Hawke Set to Direct 'Hottest State'

Ethan Hawke (Training Day, Chelsea Walls) is set to direct a big-screen adaptation of his best-selling novel The Hottest State for IFC Films, which will finance and distribute the project. Hawke also penned the screenplay.

No cast is attached, according to IFC, which is eyeing a January start date for State.
Set in New York, State follows two young adults -- aspiring performers William and Sarah -- as they discover intense love and grapple to define both themselves and a passion that provokes questions and emotions neither is prepared to handle.

O que Ethan fez e está a fazer em cinema:
Billy Dead (2005) (announced) .... Billy Dead
Lord of War (2005) (post-production) .... Jack Valentine

Assault on Precinct 13 (2005) .... Jake Roenick
Taking Lives (2004) .... Costa
Before Sunset (2004) .... Jesse
Chelsea Walls (2001) (voice) (uncredited) .... Sam... aka Chelsea Hotel
The Jimmy Show (2001) .... Ray
Training Day (2001) .... Officer Jake Hoyt
Tape (2001) .... Vince
Waking Life (2001) (voice) .... Jesse
Hamlet (2000/I) .... Hamlet

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