terça-feira, setembro 28, 2004

I Love Huckabees. I Heart Huckabees. 

I Heart Huckabees. Já estreou nos EUA.

Realizado por: David O. Russell
Os actores:
Jason Schwartzman .... Albert Markovski
Isabelle Huppert .... Caterine Vauban
Dustin Hoffman .... Bernard
Lily Tomlin .... Vivian
Jude Law .... Brad Stand
Mark Wahlberg .... Tommy Corn
Naomi Watts .... Dawn Campbell

Dustin Hoffman e Mark Wahlberg.

Tagline: An existential comedy

Plot Outline: A husband-and-wife team play detective, but not in the traditional sense. Instead, the happy duo helps others solve their existential issues, the kind that keep you up at night, wondering what it all means.

Jude Law e Naomi Watts.

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