quarta-feira, setembro 15, 2004

Ben Stiller, ele... e a entrevista 

Para mim, Ben Stiller, terá sempre muito do realizador e actor, simples e directo (e tímido), que vi em Reality Bites. Também com o Ethan Hawke, Winona Rider e Janeane Garofalo (podem não acreditar, mas até Renée Zellweger participa neste filme, com um pequeno papel).

Stiller, Winona e Hawke. Um trio que resultou. Hawke e Stiller, dois dos meus preferidos.

Excelente filme. Sobre a juventude no final dos anos 90. Uma não comédia de Ben Stiller, em que ele é o actor talvez mais sério e conservador, para contrastar com as personagens mais habituais ultimamente.

Entrevista a Ben Stiller na BBC

"I was hopeless at every sport! I never played any sports in school, ever"

The title for Ben Stiller's latest comedy has proved apt, with DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story being the States' sleeper hit of the summer. He stars alongside wife Christine Taylor and Vince Vaughn in the unashamedly silly laugher, playing hilariously over-the-top gym owner White Goodman, a pumped-up prima-donna who'll stop at nothing to acquire downtrodden gym Average Joe's. With Starsky & Hutch and Along Came Polly already worldwide hits this year, there are three more Stiller movies to come in the next few months: Envy, Anchorman, and Meet The Parents sequel Meet The Fockers.

Date of Birth:
30 November 1965

Famous For: Putting himself through every conceivable form of on-screen torture in pursuit of a laugh

Infamous For: Starring alongside Drew Barrymore in Our House - a crime against comedy, your honour

Soundbite: "I think people tend to put you in boxes, like: he's the highly-strung guy. It's simplifying it. I personally don't see myself as being that type"
Useless Fact: Does a mean impression of Tom Cruise, which The Cruiser himself is said to admire

What we really want to know: Will he ever play a character with a mundane name? (examples: White Goodman, Reuben Feffer, Gaylord M Focker, Derek Zoolander, Ted Stroehmann, etc)

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