segunda-feira, agosto 16, 2004

We Don´t Live Here Anymore 

Um filme que me parece que pode ser bom. Bons actores e história apelativa. Estreou nos EUA a semana passada.

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Naomi Watts e Mark Ruffalo

Elenco: Naomi Watts, Mark Ruffalo, Laura Dern, Peter Krause, Sam Charles
Realização: John Curran
Produção: Jonas Goodman, Harvey Kahn, Naomi Watts

Drama e Romance
1 hr. 41 min. Dois casais (Watts e Krause, Dern and Ruffalo), que eram todos amigos chegados à muito tempo vêem as suas vidas mudar quando dois deles têm um caso (Ruffalo e Watts).
Estreia nos EUA: 13 Agosto, 2004 (LA/NY).
Distribuidor: Warner Independent Pictures

Comentário em inglês:
"We Don't Live Here Anymore" has a lot of potential. 1) The story sounds great. A married man has an affair with his best friend's wife which, in turn, results in a a fling between their spouses. And 2) Great cast. Naomi Watts to start. She's only been around for a few years now, but her name alone is already one of the hottest properties in Hollywood. Mark Ruffalo. "You Can Count On Me" was only the tip of the iceberg for this guy's talent. Peter Krause, making the leap from the small screen success of "Six Feet Under". And from everything I've read, Laura Dern gives an incredible performance. With the movie (from Warner Independent Pictures) hitting theaters this week in limited release, we've got a few clips for your viewing pleasure. And be sure to check out the official site to find out if this is playing near you, and to check out ticket information.

Dois dos protagonistas, Mark Ruffalo e Peter Krause. E uma fotografia curiosa, Laura Dern e Ben Harper (pelos vistos namoram).

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