terça-feira, julho 27, 2004

The Village para breve 

Mais um filme realizado e escrito pelo indiano paranormal M. Night Shyamalan

Com: Judy Greer, Bryce Dallas Howard, William Hurt, Joaquin Phoenix, Adrien Brody

Drama, Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy and Thriller 2 hrs. 00 min.
Set in rural Pennsylvania in 1897, this is the story of the small village of Covington (population 60) surrounded by a woods inhabited by a race of "mythical creatures," and the romance that blossoms between Kitty (Greer), the daughter of the town's leader (Hurt), and Lucius (Phoenix), a young man who questions the policy of keeping Covington's citizens completely confined to the village.
Release Date:  July 30th, 2004 (wide).
MPAA Rating:   PG-13 for a scene of violence and frightening situations.
Distributor:   Touchstone Pictures
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